Radial shaft seals for general industrial applications

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Radial shaft seals are sealing elements with radially arranged lip seals made of rubber collars. They are used to seal axles and shafts and must safely withstand high loads. These sealing elements are used in the steel industry, for example, and wherever high requirements are placed on seal.


Radial shaft seals are used between rotating and stationary machine components or between two components in relative motion and consist of two main parts: A cylindrical outer covering of sheet steel (case) or an elastomer that has the requisite interference fit to seal statically against the housing bore.Radial shaft seals with a low cross sectional height . Cassette seals . Design features . Wear sleeves . Track pin seals . Metal face seals . V-ring seals . Axial clamp seals . Sealing and spacing washers . Hydraulic seals . General technical information . Piston Seals . Rod and buffer seals . Wiper seals . Guide rings and guide strips .